EarthRise Mountain Lodge

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Getaway Summary
PRICE (pp sharing):
from R 650
PRICE (unit):
from R 12,000 - 12,000
Creating Social Impact What your stay with us means<br /><br />As you move around the Earthrise Mountain Lodge and Rustlers Valley Farm you will get a sense of what has been achieved since the reconstruction and development work commenced. From the outset, our emphasis on social change meant inviting and engaging with local community members and family based enterprises as far as possible in the renovation project. In every aspect of the work thus far - from the buildings, the furnishings, the fittings, the landscaping, the water supply, and much more there are wonderful human stories, achievements and lessons behind them. <br /><br />Beyond the reconstruction phase, the Trust, in consultation with the Naledi Village Development Committee, Afrigrow and the Seriti Institute, created a strategic partnership pursuing a holistic approach towards food security and nutrition, sustainable livelihoods, land rights and community wellbeing. We will happily share with you the why and the how of our vision to create a vibrant, inclusive, locally-driven economy sustained by a community working together building a positive future for our children. The primary school and crche established by the community is earmarked for special attention in order to create a safe sacred space for teaching and learning. Work on an upgrade in the partnership with all stakeholders has commenced. This is a labour of love and work in progress for all stakeholders committed to creating a brighter future for our children.<br /><br />The lodge will be modelled and structured along the lines of a local social enterprise embedded in the community that lives on farmland surrounding the lodge. A portion of the lodges income will go towards supporting the social and community development objectives of the Earthrise Trust on the adjacent Rustlers Valley Farm. Therefore, as an esteemed guest of the Earthrise Mountain Lodge you will be directly contributing towards local development. <br /><br />Your support and constructive ideas are most welcomed. <br /><br />Should you wish to be part of a new journey, demonstrating what is possible when we learn, share, work, build and solve problems together, then please feel free to initiate contact with Jappie Lephatsi, the Lodge Manager, Analeigh Ross, the Assistant Manager or Anton Chaka, the Chair of the Naledi Village Development Committee.<br /><br />
20 Jun 2016
By Daphne, South Africa
"We had a wonderful stay at the twin peaks. The unit is really nice and cozy and the view is magnificent. Our dog enjoyed the walks even more than we did. We are definitely coming back and I'll recommend this place to anyone."
"A very pleasant stay"
05 Jan 2014
By Querardien, South Africa
"Great scenery! Good food, we had a very pleasant stay and found the staff very courteous and friendly.Will definitely try to go again. Our visitors from Holland loved it.Definitely a family lodge."